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having trouble removing widespread faucet handle

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I have an old (1980's) builder's grade bathroom faucet that I am trying to remove. I was finally able to loosen the nut underneath the sink but I can't get it off the valve assembly because the brass assembly below the nut is too big. There is still a nub from the copper tubing that connected to the faucet where I had to cut it off. But even without this nub I think the assembly is still too big to get the mounting nut off. I loosened it enough to pull the handle up, and I took off the handle but I can't see how I can unfasten the top to drop everything down through the sink. I am attaching some photos. The handle on the left is still tight so you can see how it was before I loosened it.
Please help.
Thanks, Mike


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That is one funky set up.
Looks like someone used and adaper on the bottom to extend it out that's going to have to come off.
All there should have been is a straight threaded pipe sticking out.
Should have left the nut in place so that fitting can be removed without the whole thing turning.
That "adapter" thing on the end is where the copper tubing was connected that goes to the main faucet. Initially I couldn't get to the nut at all but was able to turn the whole valve assembly by getting a wrench on the flat part of that "adapter" thing with the copper tube nub sticking out. It looks like it could be a separate piece but it all turns together like it is one piece. So it turned the whole assembly even when the nut was tight. if it is a separate piece but just stuck, I don't know how I can get it off. There is nothing to grab on the piece where the nut is threaded to keep that piece from moving. The only thing I could figure was that there was some way to disconnect the whole mess from the top but I couldn't figure that out either. Am I going to have to try to cut it? If so, should I cut the nut and washer or try to cut the pipe?

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I'm seeing flats on the side of the fitting where you could use a basin wrench.

Something like this.
Looks like the chrome trim ring will unscrew allowing the valve to drop down
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Eplumber, that was it! Problem solved. Every video I saw on this subject had me trying to remove the nut underneath and taking out the assembly through the top. When I finally thought it might come out through the bottom, I thought I could loosen the nut, raise it up a bit and find a set screw. When I couldn't find one, I made my post here. I should have thought to try to unscrew the trim ring. On the second one, I didn't even have to loosen the nut. I just got the assembly loose a bit by turning the whole assembly using the flats, then unscrewed the trim ring on the top and it fell loose. What a relief. Thanks
FYI, that's a moen faucet.

Can't remember the specific name of the thing, I looked it up once. Lady needed new handles for it. LOL @ trying to get those handles. :laughing:
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