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Hello all,

I am in dire need of your expertise and advice.

My apartment has been in a half finished state for over a year. I have some time off of work, and I am determined to finish it. My problem is that this will be my first apartment that I can make nice, and I am worried about getting something wrong with have everything matching and complimenting. I have no experience with having an apartment like this, due to life circumstances. I'm excited to finally make it nice, but for some reason very afraid of misspending money and buying stuff that doesn't work.

Here is a link to my imgur album with floorplan and photos:

The most important thing to me, that I want to sort today if possible, are:

  • I need a dresser in my bedroom. I have been putting off buying one because I want to make sure it matches the bedroom color scheme, which is not yet decided. I'm hoping people can make general suggestions based on the paint colors in the rest of the apartment, which will also be used in the bedroom. I have not yet chosen a rug for the bedroom, and will be replacing my current bed. I am thinking of using the color used for the living room ceiling for the bedroom walls. I am not sure what colors to go with for bedroom furniture and rug.
  • Blinds / Shades. The curtains I have now are horrible, and the curtain rail juts out a few inches from the window frame, taking away precious NYC apartment space. I want to switch to think horizontal drapes, but am unsure what color would compliment what I have, and if I should go with wood (to compliment my floors) or metal.
  • Paint colors. The imgur album shows my pain theme for the apartment. I am concerned the bathroom ceiling color is too close to the tile color, and I am unsure about the living room colors I chose.
  • Rug selection. I want to have a rug in my living room. I have the one pictured in the photo in my album, but I am concerned it is too large. When up against the wall with the couch, it leaves about a foot of space in front of the tv, and goes to near my fishtank. I think I should have something smaller, and so I am trying to sell this one, as much as I like the color.
  • floating shelves...I want to get floating shelves for under the TV, probably from, (to give back more space) but I am unsure what color to go with. Black to compliment my furniture? Wood to compliment my floors?
  • Kitchen hanging rack: - I want to get something like this for my kitchen wood, but I am unsure to go with wood or metal(floors vs fridge and microwave). I have spare marble that I could use to make sheleves, the same as my coffee table and sort of close to the bar.
  • Shower organizer...I need some way to have shelves in the shower, and I am afraid of getting something that wont match the design.
  • A replacement desk. I want something narrower, like this, but without the draws even: - but again, I'm unsure what color to go with for the general tone of my apartment.
  • extra furniture, I want to get a storage ottoman that can double as a seat, as well as another armchair to go along the window in my living room.

So, that's what I want to fix for the immediate future. If someone could give me some tips for changes or notes on how to coordinate, I would be forever grateful!

I have some limitations:

  • For reasons, I cannot have the aquarium elsewhere in the apartment.
  • I'm not really willing to move the recliner. That is "my chair" and I like being able to look out my window.
  • I am limited to the paint colors you see. I have limited finances at the moment, and bought far more paint then I needed, so I want to use what I have. I can mix however.
  • I would really, really avoid to replace anything unless it is cheap. I am in debt and that is my priority to pay off, and while I have a budget to finish my apartment and make it nice, it doesn't really extend to replacing things unless absolutely necessary, or they are inexpensive.

I also have plans for the apartment:

  • A plant in the corner, so it will go recliner, ottoman, armchair, plant.
  • An alcohol stand under the intercom, with winerack. Maybe a boonsai tree or something on top.
  • A big artprint above the couch.
  • A coffee station in the kitche, under where I will have the shelves to hang pots and pans. This will free up immense counter space, and I will then have a barstool.
  • Going to replace bin with simplehuman butterfly sensor. I like their products and I can hide it under coffee station.
  • I'm going to replace the shower curtain with a gate of some sort, although I'm not sure how I'm going to do this yet. Having a shorter gate, and being able to see the rest of the bathroom gives an amazing feeling of openness.
  • Add a show and coat rack of some sort, not sure how or where yet.

I think that's everything. I hope this post is not too long, but I feel like more info is useful. Really looking forward to hearing what advice you guys have for me! Thank you!
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