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Have we gone too deep?

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Any drywall experts out there? We’re exploring the depths of drywall that has been here for a few layers of paint and wallpaper and got to this yellow. Anyone know if this is the drywall (painted or otherwise)? Have we gone too deep and taken a layer off the drywall itself?

One point of feedback was this could be moisture/mold resistant drywall.

Any thoughts?
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Post again your picture did not upload. This is what drywall looks like when you tear off the layer of paper. I just skim coated all the walls which is in progress when this picture was taken.

Click on picture for a larger image.


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Other have said they think it’s drywall painted yellow. Also another section appears to have mold toward the floors all behind a layer of paint and a layer of wallpaper. Is it worth it going even if we haven’t gone too deep or should we call in the pro’s?


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It sure looks like drywall painted yellow to me.

I would keep scraping. All the loose stuff has to go no matter what it is.
Thoughts on the mold? Should that stop the work until investigates by pros or persevere?
Mask, gloves, bleach water or spend a $1000. Your choice. :)
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