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Have I ruined my door??

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I have a fiberglass door in my garage. The lock broke and had to be replaced. The pictures show the replacement. The plate the bolt goes through has to be recessed down in to the edge of the door. My door did not have a recess so I made one. That was probably a mistake. There are two screws that go through the plate and into the door. They are probably not going to hold in fiberglass, will they? Is there a certain type of screw for fiberglass. Or should I try gluing the plate in place? Or is the door ruined? Thanks.


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That's the sort of thing you would use a palm router for... fiberglass doesnt react well to a hammer and chisel.

Ordinary wood screws that came with the deadbolt will hold in the fiberglass if you drill a small diameter pilot hole and dont spin (strip) the screw. In other words, tighten them by hand.

As for the missing chunk of door, about all you can do is Bondo it. Use masking tape to confine you Bondo to the repair only so as to keep the rest of the door clean. Then sand and fill again until its the shape you want. Then paint it.
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