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have a question about a relay/switch

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I have been trying to find an answer about a relay. i have a very basic switch, basically power comes in and when the switch is grounded and held there it completes the circuit and power goes to the object(momentary switch). i am looking to find a relay that would turn it on when you hit the switch once and then turn it off when you hit it again. I think i want an impulse relay but im not too sure and no matter where i go no one seems to be able to help me out. I would appreciate any help or just a point in the right direction.

This is for a tattoo machine foot pedal. the power supply ratings are:
Input: AC 110V 50HZ-60HZ
Output: DC 1.5-15V 5A

Thank you
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You need whats called a latching relay !
You apply power once and it pulls in, and latchs on,
Apply power again and it un-latchs and drops out.
Make sure the contacts are more than 5a,
As your quoted specs say 5a
Running contacts at max,
is a sure way to get short life,
Try contacts of at least 10a.
Latching relays are not common,
but good electrical suppliers should have them.
Suppliers that serve the electricains and switch board builders.
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