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Has anyone used a water powered pump for an up pump?

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I want to install a tub and the drain level is just low enough that it would require some serious hacking to 100 cast iron pipes.

Rather than opening a jumbo sized can of worms I want to do an up pump.
I don't like the idea of my kids sitting in a tub of water potentially connected to the power supply even with safeguards like GFI outlets.
I'ven been around long enough to see things like that not work.

Looking at a cutaway of a Flo-tech sink up pump it looks pretty basic.

Can anyone think of a reason not to use this one that runs on city water ( other than added water cost.){keyword}&gclid=CK_r46vouLQCFcXb4AodzHMAYA
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I don't know what code issues you might possibly run into, but I suppose your plan could work. I've never heard of Liberty pumps, though that doesn't mean they aren't a quality product. But the one you linked to is pretty expensive. And the specs don't say how much water it uses to run.

Where in the world do you have "100 cast iron pipes?"
I actually see this item for about $125. It uses 1 gallon of municipal water for every 2 gallons it pumps out. So... if the bath holds 40 - 50 gallons of water it will take another 20-25 gallons to pump it out.
Water is pretty cheap and the town has wells. As per the $$ cost. It will cost less than a penny to pump this out each time. So, over a month it will be about $1.50 in water.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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