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Has anyone tried this?

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I was looking for some good service pros in my area and came across - It seems they connect you with the best pros in your area. Has anyone tried this type of service? Any luck? Were the service pros any good?
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I've never tried that one but I've looked at several others were similar to it and found that they are completely useless. They only give you quotes from contractors that subscribe to their service and from what I could tell they don't do any screening of them as long as they pay the fee. Not sure if the fees are based on the value of the project or if they just pay a annual fee to be part of the system. You are much better off calling for contractors that friends have used and had a good experience with and get estimates from them.
I've had good luck with Angie's list for a tree service and landscaper.. I tried it for a general contractor and had no luck..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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