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Hardwood Length...preference?

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Alright, I've got my hardwood vendors narrowed down to 2. The primary difference between the two advertised products is the length. This is 5" wide, 3/4 inch solid hardwood...both at essentially the same price.

Vendor 1: Boards range from 12 to 72 inches, average length of 42"
Vendor 2: Boards range from 12 to 84 inches, average length of 39"

Vendor 1 has a more uniform length, but tops out at 6 ft.

Vendor 2 will have some longer boards, but a shorter avg. length (and thus some more short boards.)

Which length profile would you consider to be more ideal...or am I splitting hairs here?
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I'd choose #2. Going off subject just a bit, I worked with Owens Plank over the years and have to say if you're looking for good quality long length hardwood they offer it. Case in point; when I had a flooring showroom in Florida I used it for the showroom. Yes, it is engineered, but a very good one as well...and more stable than wider solid plank floors.

In the photos I culled out all the shorter boards for the main entry. Shorter meaning 2,3, 4 and 5 footers. Now if I someone were to want all longer length..and they max at 96" ...add about 20% to an order. Just something I thought was worth noting. Btw, it's an unfinished hardwood.

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