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hardwood installation

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In my 50s ranch there is 3/4"x6" wooden planks on top of the 2x10 joists 16"OC.
Then there are some 3/4" wooden strips on top of the planks. Then there is the 3/4" hardwood.

I hope this makes sense.
Directly over joists: 3/4" x 6" wood planks; 3/4" strips; 3/4" hardwood
Where the is no joist: 3/4" x 6" wood panks; 3/4" air gap; 3/4" hardwood
The house has a crawl space and maybe they did this to create an air insulation zone?

So basically the hardwood is supported only where the strips are. There is an airgap where there is no strips. The strips are placed directly over where the joists are.

So I want to install hardwood in the kitchen.
Should I follow the same technique?
Or should I skip the strips and just add plywood over the 3/4"x6" strips?
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