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Hardwood Flooring transition

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I am currently in the process of selecting hardwood flooring for the kitchen. The problem I see right now is that if I go with standard 3/4'' in the kitchen and install it on top of the existing plywood underlayment (I removed the vinyl tile already) there will be too high of a transition between the strip hardwood flooring(3/8 or 5/16'' can't remember) in room connected to the kitchen.

Would it be best to remove the underlayment, parts of which had been damaged when I removed the flooring on top? Go with a thinner hardwood?

Thanks everyone.

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3/8 is not a major bump, and there are transition strips that will take care of that. Most thinner floors with be engineered floors, not that they are bad, just may require different installation procedures, and may not be refinishable.
Thanks Bill,

Also one more question if anyone has the time: Some of the underlayment was ripped up with the vinyl tile...the adhesive i guess had permanently bonded the two materials..Even with adhesive remover added there was still bondage. There are a few areas that are uneven now...should I go ahead and rip up the entire underlayment and then install the new floor OR could I patch it? Thanks everyone!

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