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I removed some base cabinets along one wall of my kitchen, as I want to open up the space. I noticed the floor slopes downwards toward the wall. It is a non-supporting wall that runs parallel to joists. I also noticed the joists underneath (viewable from basement) appear to be sistered underneath this aforementioned wall.

What's the best way to level this floor? Reading online, I see the option of adding floor compound over the plywood. Are there any disadvantages to this? More likely to squeek?

And just for theoretical discussion, what would be the absolute best way (IOW cost is not an issue) way to fix this? Would you try to lift the joists in the basement themselves (which would then cause a need to reframe the wall, I assume, since there is a 2nd story above it). Or would you add shims between the joists and the plywood, to lift the plywood? If going the shim route, please describe in detail how that would be done, as it seems the shims would leave some gaps between joists and plywood, unless the shims were an actualy full-length cut of wood running on top of the joists.

Thank you
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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