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Hardwiring puck lites

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I want to hard wire recessed puck lites under my kitchen cabinets, but all the kits I buy say not to run the wire in the wall. I know we have had electricians run wire in the walls to be hidden at job sites I have worked at. I want to do it myself in my kitchen and want to make sure its safe. Can I buy a transformer at the local lighting store to put in the cabinets and what kind of wire can I use to daisy chain them together in the walls. Thanks
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When I roughed in for my undercabinet lights during a recent remodel, I ran 14/2 in-wall rated speaker/alarm/multimedia wire to each location and home ran all the wires to the cabinet under the kitchen sink where I will install the transformers at. I installed a separate outlet under the sink that ties into 2 3-way switches on the wall so the cabinet lights can be controlled from either kitchen entrance (and of course this outlet is not on the small appliance branch circuits).

500' spool was about $150 bucks I think, if you know how much you need you can get it cut at places like Home Depot and Ace (though I don't know if Ace carries the in-wall rated on spools). I of course did not use 500 feet for kitchen lights, but I will be wiring a home theater in the basement, so I will use the speaker wire down there too.
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