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Hardwired UPS?

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Question: I have several pieces of electronic equipment I would like to have protected in one form or another, including the use of a UPS. My office is filled with countless devices that are sensitive not just to surges but brownouts. I currently have a few residential grade UPS units tucked behind desks, etc. providing said protection. Their current placement is suboptimal as they generate heat and due to needing to be somewhat hidden from view don't get proper ventilation. I also never see them, so if there's a trouble light, etc. they just aren't noticed. 5yr battery swapouts are a PITA as they are as buried as they are. Being fairly beefy units, they do have an audible buzzing noise that I find distracting.

I was thinking that it would make a lot of sense to put in-line UPS devices in a cooled, controlled environment, like in a rack near the service in our basement. Here is a simple flow illustration that hopefully demonstrates what I'm considering:

[A] Service ->
Romex ->
[C] Standard female AC receptacle ->
[D] Residential UPS plugged into [C] ->
[E] Short AC Power Cord. Type B Male To Type B Female (Connecting [D] to [F]). ->
[F] Male AC receptacle ->
[G] Romex ->
[H] Standard female AC receptacle ->

This would allow me to place all UPS units in one location in the basement with adequate air flow, ease of access, etc.

While I'm fairly certain the above would work, assuming all wiring is 14g along the entire length of circuit, would it be code compliant?

If not, is there any possible way to get my plethora of UPS devices out from my office, from behind my TV, bedrooms, etc. and into my basement?

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