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FWIW, our regional building department does not allow the changing, replacing, splicing, or 'reassigning' of cord caps - or splicing cord caps into hard-wires - and the like. Period.

It's wrong because - when you buy a pre-assembled product with a UL certification, if it catches on fire then that manufacturer is at fault for not protecting you, the consumer. If you decide you can wire anything you want, any way you want, and it catches on fire, you are responsible. What if it happens 20 years after you move out and sell your home, and it kills a complete stranger, his wife, and his whole family? Are you ok with that?

America started implementing the National Electric Code for regional standardization of 'best practices' in 1897. It has, since then, used every revision to protect ourselves from ourselves, prevent fires, and eliminate as many fatalities from civilization as possible.

If you know better than 118 years of documented experience with a power we still don't fully understand that has the ability to kill us, then IslandGuy is right and you're really just asking someone to justify you doing something you know is wrong.
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