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Hardie Plank Paint Bubbling

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Last year we had a contractor install Hardie Plank and paint it with the recommened paint. This spring I see where snow was up against the side of the house the paint is bubbling. Is this an issue with improper painting or is this a problem that Hardie Plank has?:(
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hardi can and will absorb moisture at the edge
Hardi needs to be kept from soaking up moisture. You need to keep the snow from piling up against the building. Sounds like you have vapor drive pushing the paint off.
check the lower edge of the siding is it starting to delaminate?If they are i would replace any bad ones and repaint them paying attention to get the lower edge sealed with a high quality paint.Hardie should be started no closer than8'' above finished grade
All true
The Hardi isn't failing, the coating is

Could be the coating prep, coating application, or it could be the improper
installation of the Hardi (based on your region...check your local regs.)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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