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hardi plank

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Hey guys
I'm hanging a couple sheets of hardi vertical panel on the side of the house and have a question regarding butting up to windows. I put in a couple large new construction sliders with nail fin.

My question is: "Is there any problem with just butting up the hardi plank panel to the window and caulking?" I am not planning on adding any trim around the windows.

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Some windows require a 1/4 space for movement. Do you know what the manufacturer's instructions were or have one of the pamphlets to review. Otherwise you should be fine although you will need to make sure the flashing details will work. Understand that the caulking should only be a secondary and not a primary defense against water infiltration.
use a metal drip cap thats incorporated into your weather resistant barrier,leave 1/4'' space from the dripcap to the bottom of the panel and do not caulk the panel to the drip
Thanks for the replys. Just pulled the instructions (duh) from the pile. Says to leave a min of 1/2 inch between exterior finish and window. Gosh that seems like alot.
it does seem like a lot but its best to install as per manufacturers recommendation
It will be almost impossible to keep water out from behind the siding unless you use the caulk as the main water sealing agent. (Not recommended) You really need to trim the windows and seal them properly. You don't want to come back in 5 years with rotten framing.

Johnny Jackson
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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