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hanging weight off of tji beams??

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I think that is what they are called...they look like this...

this is in a commercial building.

I own a dance and fitness studio and we are wanting to bring anti gravity yoga into the studio. so we will be hanging "hammocks" from the ceiling

see video...

that is essentially what we'll be doing. (hanging, swinging, pulling etc...all in one diretion, the same direction as the beams go)

I have a few ideas on how to hang them..but don't want to compromise my students safety, nor do I want to rip the ceiling down! :no:

1 One idea is to attach my own beams across the bottoms, then hang from those, but I worry that the bottom part of the ibeam is just glued and stapled and won't really support that hanging.

2 Another idea, is to use an L bracket of some sort (obviously a very thick one), set it on to top of the bottom wood (resting on it somewhat), drill into the webbing and put one of those large heavy duty square washers on the other side and bolt it. the hammock would hang on 2 of the brackets, spreading the load between 2 beams, so there wouldn't be a whole person on just one beam.

3 another idea is to use one of these

attach them to the webbing and then I hang off the side...each hammock would have 2 of these facing eachother from opposite beams. But these are expensive! So I would rather go with option 2.

4. OR, can I drill a hole and place a metal pipe of some sort between several beams (through the webbing).

or is any of this even possible? Are there better ways? The beams are pretty long.

I can get pics of the beams later today when I got there if needed.

But I need this figured out quick!

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With your tremendous liability in a commercial application, I suggest a Structural Engineer. Add it to your insurance policy, too.

TJI's are rated for loads and approved by Building Departments at the time of construction. The joists are doubled or tripled, depending on load. The gaps in the webs are filled with plywood, as well as outsides. Then the hanger, rated for the load, is installed with nails or special screws.

Your joists are rated for what they are carrying now, no more.

I don't see any application feasible without hiring a S.E. first. Be safe, GBAR
thanks gbar.

I talked to an s.e. after you posted that. Fortunately, his company was just a few blocks away from my studio!

He said that what I would do is to sandwich the webbing with a couple of 6-10" sheets of plywood, gluing them to the webbing, then screwing them together. THEN attache my hardware to the playwood.

Since my load is not huge, and I won't have the drop ceilings hanging from it anymore, he said that it can easily handle it.

so problem solved!

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