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Hanging swings from concrete ceiling

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Hello - hoping this is in the right spot. We moved into a house that has a concrete "bunker" under the garage. The walls are 12 inch thick concrete, and the ceiling is essentially the underside of the garage floor. I would assume it has to be heavily reinforced in order to hold 2 cars. I have built a large wooden play structure in one half, and I think it would be nice to put a couple of swings in for my kids. I would of course purchase the appropriate concrete anchors and bolts and I have lined the floors with thick rubber mats. I'm wondering if I should have concerns about the concrete ceiling and its ability to hold swings? I can provide pictures if needed. The ceiling looks like it is several large slabs with seams in between. Thanks in advance.
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A ceiling that looks like several slabs is probably precast concrete planks. Typically they have cells like concrete blocks. In the solid part they have prestressed steel reinforcement. If you can figure out where the hollow part is you could use toggle bolts. Most good concrete anchors would work, too. My only concern is drilling through a piece of steel reinforcement.
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diamond core drilling is generally the only accepted penetration method for pre-cast planks,,,hammer drilling is not recommended
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