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Hanging kitchen cabinets...

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I'm renovating my rental house and I have decided to add a bank of cabinets to give the kitchen some cabinet space. What is the best way to do this? I have two 18x84" inch towers on each end and then i'm hanging a 12x36" cabinet to bridge them together on top with two 18" base cabinets on the bottom. Should I fasten the top cabinet and the 2 towers together and then push them up to the wall or should I set the two towers and then hang the 36" cabinet between them? TIA


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Set one tower c/w the upper attached.
Set the second tower with the base units attached.

Work to a level line for the height of the towers.
when possible, you will always get a better fit by connecting the cabinets first, then sliding them into place, imho. it sounds like your are going to be about 6' wide, so what will come into play is the levelness of the floor where they sit, expect to do some shimming under the low end to get everything plumb. then attach through the cleats into studs (as much as possible). use screws meant for cabinet hanging.
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