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Handy yet stumped - light fixture

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I returned from out-of-town and the 4-bulb light fixture in my bathroom wasn't working at all. I've checked and replaced the bulbs (all ok), and used a current detector to confirm (at least some) power to the switch, power to each individual bulb fixture, and that power to each fixture is switched on/off when the switch is switched. I assume I don't have a short because I can still detect power in each fixture and the breaker hasn't flipped. I am stumped. Seems like if the fixture, switch or wiring went bad, I shouldn't be getting the results I am. Could it be some kind of partial short? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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If you used a inexpensive non-contact voltage detector to test for pwr at the light sockets, they are notorious for giving false readings. Could be that you really don't have pwr. Need to confirm pwr with a meter that has leads.
Agree, verify voltage readings again with a proper meter.

Any gfci's on that circuit?
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