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So I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this project of mine. On a whim I decided that I was going to turn my bathroom vanity into a little gypsy hand-painted thing of joy for me. It seemed pretty straightforward. I took all the doors and the drawers off and I peeled that awful cracking coating off of them, sanded them some, wiped them down and started painting. I did not get the best paints, I'm poor and so I look at the mistints and if I see something I like I always grab it so....that's what I was working with. Then I decided to paint designs on the doors and on the drawers I even painted the cabinet sides. However for the hand-painted part I just went and got samples of paints so I could get a wide variety of colors without breaking the bank. I am so happy with what I've got done so far but I realized that there's no way that paint is going to be okay by itself in a bathroom. I want to protect the beautiful art that I put on these doors.

So I've been trying so hard to find some information on what to do in this situation, and while there's lots out there there's nothing similar enough to what I'm doing. I'm starting to think that the information's not out there because nobody else was impulsive or dumb enough to do something like this lol.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on what I should do to save my hand painting from getting ruined and keep it nice and protected, along with my more or less poor choice of paint for the cabinet doors themselves. EDIT: I know there are things like shellac, polyurethane and polycrylic.....I just would like a bit of knowledge dropped on my head.

I'm attaching some pictures, and don't mind the mess because I am not done with the hand painting quite yet and I know I have a lot of work and cleaning up to do. I really wish my camera would capture the colors properly


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