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halogen lights

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how many halogen 50 watt fixtures can be installed on one circuit 120 volt
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I use a lot of halogens of different types in gallery lighting work and they range, just for 50W things from tiny little bulbs, to more conventional looking
floodlight bulbs. I will let the electrical wonks respond to this one but suspect they will need to know how many amps the fixture for the type of halogen bulbs you are planning to use draw before helping you with your circuit load?

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A fifteen amp circuit will support 1800 watts at 120 volts, 20 amps = 2400 watts. This is for loads up to 3 hours. More than 3 hours would be 80% of those ratings.

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The other thing we sized the numbers of luminaires on that circuit by the maxuim wattage of each luminaire not the bulb wattage.

That is the only way you can able determed the wattage on that circuit due I know many peoples put in lower wattage bulbs than it is rated for by time they go by bulb wattage not the luminaire you will automatique run into major issue with overloading if not pay attetion to it.


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Hi blcakei. Just one suggestion, is there anyway you can use a different form of light or does it have to be halogen bulbs?
Is there any way that you can use High intensity discharge or fluorescent lights instead?
If you have a look at this flickering light problem website it has a good list of lighting FAQ's. One of interest is the differences between the halogen and fluorescent globes.
I understand that your project may specifically need halogen globes. But if you can use fluorescent, then there is one major benefit. Money. Halogen lamps "actually use more energy per square metre of light than fluorescent globes". Additionally, halogen lamps have to be changed more regularly.
By the sound of your post I recognise that you know what you are talking about, so I hope I am not patronising you, but I thought I would put it out there anyway.

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If he has to ask a simple question like how many light can he run off a circuit,
then i am not so sure he does know what he is talking about !

Any way to answer the question,
we need to know the capacity of the lighting circuit ?
Is it 10a ?
is it 15a ?
is it 20a ?

If its 10a then 24 x 50w.
If its 15a then 36 x 50w.
If its 20a then 48 x 50w.

But the comment about fixture capacity should also be considered.
And also duty cycle should also be considered.

So its only a theoretical maximum answer and variables
need to be considered.
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