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Halo 5-6" LED - New and old models?

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The manufacturer date on these was 9/15 on the left and 7/15 on the right. These are both the same model number on the box - RL560WH-R. Call me dense... is this a newer redesigned version on the left which is missing that black cylinder on top?


Appreciate any input.

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They make two series of that model. If you look on the module for the model number there should be 4 more digits to it. The one one the left is a 600 series and carries a 68xx or 69xx number. It produces 600 plus lumens.

The one on the right is a 900 series producing up to 1100 lumens. It will have a 98xx or 99xx number.
The XX number is the first 2 digits of the color temp, 27 would be 2700k, 30 would be 3000k,etc.

You definately want to take one back and get a match to the second. Personally, I would keep and match the 900 series.
Thanks for the reply. Both of these had nearly identical specs on the back. 600 lumen... one used like two watts less for a few more lumen. Seemed one was a more efficient model - that being the newer production date.

I ended up going back to HD and picking up four each of CREE, Commercial Lighting and Philips 2700k 6" LEDs. The Philips seemed the best of the bunch for a warm light for my son's room. 3k was more suited for my kitchen than a bedroom IMO.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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