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Good afternoon,

I was hoping to get some advice on a house I just bought. I am going to be removing the popcorn ceiling and replacing it with knockdown texture. I have a living room 12X14 that currently has a ceiling fan in the center and track lighting above the couch.

I want to install the halo 3" cans H38ICAT. Will 7 be enough? 50 watt bulbs

3 along the hall entrance
2 on eith side of the fan
2 at the other end.


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The number of lights is always a tough question. Besides the square footage there is also ceiling height and wall covering/paint color. There is no set formula. If you put in too few lights you will be more unhappy than if you put in more. If more then you can use the dimmer. If less then with those small cans you can't use bigger bulbs.

I would go with bigger (at least 5") and more cans.

Here is THE H38ICAT pdf–H38ICAT.pdf
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