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Hallway cabinet/shelving system

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My new client wants me to build this shelving display system in the hallway of his new condo. The problem is only have two weeks to build it and I'm already working on another job. So I'm hoping to get some clues in terms of another company that can build this for me while I'm working on the other site. Ideas welcome:)

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Any cabinet shop can build modular units for you to install. The biggest issue is going to be the time element. Any good cabinet shop is probably already busy and 2 weeks just ain't gonna work. But with a modular build, you could install and trim in 2 days, finish out if paint, could be 1 day if pre-primed. Stained, add another day at least. So even going modular only gives you 1 week for a cabinet shop build. I don't see it happening but it's not totally impossible.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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