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Half wall/breakfast bar

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Hey DIYers...I'm planning to build a half wall/breakfast bar across the end of my kitchen cabinets do divide my kitchen from my dining area. Other than deciding how to reinforce the "loose" end of the wall, my only other dilemma is that there's not a stud where the "fixed" end will intersect with the existing wall. Any options other than opening the wall and putting a stud there? I've included a fancy picture to help explain.


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It's just an idea that came up before, although I ended with cutting wall sections and screwing in cleats-not the whole bay. The idea was to use ceiling fan braces and screwing the stud into it. But thinking I would need at least 3 and seeing how costly they were, I went the cheap way.
Do it the right way. Open the wall up, add bracing to attach the wall too. Install new sheetrock and finish. It is the only correct way and any short cuts will cost you in the end.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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