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Half trusses and how to attach them to my house?

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I plan on adding an addition to my house. I hope the following explanation of what I'm trying to accomplish is adequate. I want to add a room to the South side of my house. Obviously, I will need to construct three 2 * 6 walls and the 4th wall is the South side of my house (two story house).

Now my question:
I plan to use half trusses which will run North (house wall) to South (new wall I build). The roof will slope down from North to South. The south end will be the eave end. How do I properly connect the half trusses to my house (larger end of the truss)? Do I install a ledger board on the house and rest the one end of the trusses on top of it and use simpon connectors somehow? Long story short it's kind of like adding a lean-to to the house but it will be enclosed and not archaic. I'm trying the match the asthetics of the garage roof. Image of a half truss below:

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Why use trusses?
Why not just frame it conventionally?

Ask the guy that will design your truss, or are you going to design them?

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