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hail damaged roof, advice

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Hello to all,

Live in Houston, and when we had 18" of ran in 24 hrs, some of that included hail. Had someone check out our roof and he said we had hail damage.

Claims adjuster came out and agreed. Here are a few questions for the roofing contractors, and the ones that know insurance agencies. First, here are the facts: dark gray composition shingles, 2 story house, has gutters on all edges where appropriate, 2 chimneys, 3-4 turbines, summers can get to 100+ for a month straight, just had a lot of expensive landscaping done...

1. If we currently have 3-4 roof turbines, can the roofing company install ridge venting instead?

2. Is ridge venting or turbines better? or both?

3. We put in a pool last year and there's expensive travertine pavers all in the back yard. What can the roofers do to protect them from any damage?

4. Is not expecting any damage unrealistic ?

5. When doing the pool, we added a covered kitchen area that are composition shingles too. These shingles are 1.3 yrs old. Should they be replaced also?

6. Is there anything else I need to mention or discuss w the selected roofing company prior to them doing the job so we both have set the proper expectations?

thank you very much,
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I just hate the look of turbines they and tend to leave a lot of super heated air stuck in the rafter bays.
A ridge vent vents the whole roof.
Any insurance company's duty is to make you whole, which would be only replacing what was there in the first place, so any up charge to go to ridge vents, and there will be one is not there responability.
The roofers are going to have to cut out the sheathing where the old vent was and add a patch to cover the old hole.
Then there going to have to cut back the sheathing at the peak to allow for the venting.
Any resposable roofer would be laying down OSB and covering it with tarps to prevent impact damage and prevent any shingles from leaving black marks on the tile.
If the shingles are not damage on the other roof there's no need to replace them, if you do that's on you to pay for them.
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If you did not have water issues with the turbine vents then your even less likely to have issues.
Cutting the sheathing at the ridge will have no effect on the structural effects on the roof.
Pricing is a big tabo on any DIY web site.
You should be getting at least three local prices to know what's a far price.
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