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Had someone here 3 times in 2 days and still getting lukewarm air out of vents.

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Hey all, I am a complete noob to pretty much all of this type of housework, but not an idiot and am sure I could fix it myself if I had the right help. I originally called someone over to fix our A/C unit yesterday. The problem was that everything was running but was only getting lukewarm air out of the vents. we assumed the freon was low (which it was). so the first day it was filled.

A few hours into the evening we realized that the vents were still blowing lukewarm air so we called them again and they came out the next day (yesterday) and found a leak which they repaired and then re-filled the freon. then for some reason our thermostat went out, called them again and it was a transformer that had blown inside the blower. so they replaced that and taped up a few obvious spots where the wires may have shorted out.

Was happy that everything was running after that that we didnt really bother to check the air coming out of the vents and guess what? lukewarm.

now its 2am and my unit is still running and we have had the windows open all night and its still like 80 deg upstairs.

anyways I went outside and checked the hoses... (pipes?) coming from the unit into the house and none are really cold and have any condensation on them. felt the air coming out of the unit and it seemed colder than the air outside... it was definitely not hot air coming out of the unit outside. I have thrown the breakers on everything after reading that maybe the thermostat might need to reset, or something (condenser?) may have frozen up and to kill power to allow it to unthaw. Is there anyone who has any ideas what else could be wrong before I call them again tomorrow?

P.S I scanned through the first 10 pages of posts here and didnt really see anything that popped out as being a similar problem so sorry if I repost.

Edit: let it sit for 30 min before turning breakers on... waiting to see if its working.
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Sounds like only the fan is working and not the compressor. Could be a bad capacitor, bad compressor,low on refrigerant again or several other causes.
if they found the leak and refilled as you said then the system was flat:huh: and if so did they re vac the unit piping prior to a micron test to verify the system is tight before recharging this is all time to you but it sounds like hit and run.if the unit is short on freon the ice starts on the insulated line out of the furnace air handler then travel out to the condenser and compressor takes hours.the temp split on the 2 parts of your system are...:thumbup: 18F split on the air handler (air return vs air discharge)read as close to the coil as possible without removing covers..outside condenser 10F temp rise on the air into the coils (past your legs as you stand in front of it) and discharges into your face...:furious: give or take a degree that is a fully charged unit is your coil especially those bottom 5 rows is the liquid line warm hot what:huh: to the touch.and yes always wait 5 minutes or more before restarting the system it need time to equalize even if you push the contactor in for the compressor and fan they both run at the same time and if your low on freon the compressor will shut off hard to hear if looking down into the blowing fan...get back...:wink: save your invoices from these brain surgeons and don't pay $$$$ any more for anything:no: once they touched that unit at either end they are married to it till it is working at that 10F/18F i gave you:thumbsup:
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