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Had some switches added for fan and new pendant lights

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Can you tell from the attached rudimentary picture if there is a way this will work physically for what I want?
To me, it seems like it's missing a cable run to get either power or switch to the pendant lights.

Before having the changes/adds done, it was a single gang switch that controlled the receptacle.
The fan worked via pull chain.
And the 4 pendant light boxes didn't exist.

I had them change to a 3 gang box to add a switch for fan (no light) and another switch for the 4 pendant light combined.

All of the runs labeled 14/2 are single cables.
The actual switches, fan and pendant lights are not connected yet - just the boxes and wiring for them in place.
With all breakers turned on, the fan box has one hot wire only.
The 4 pendant lights have no hot wires.

In that 3 gang box, the black and it looks like a common from Circuit B power are for one switch.
And the white and a common from Circuit B are for another switch.

Does the magic happen in that fan wiring box? Once the fan is connected, could that then make the 14/2 going to the pendant lights both hot and controlled by the other switch?


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Sure it will work. You make a switch loop out of the 14/2 cable going to the switch box.
Send power to the switch on the white and unswitched power back from the switch on the black.
It won't meet current code for a neutral at the switch box , but it will work just fine.
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