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h2ow-to water pump

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I use this to pull water from my well to wash cars and water my yard, etc. Has worked flawlessly for 10 years.....This winter I unplugged my pump thinking I wouldn't use it over the winter. This is the first time I've unplugged it. I was all excited about washing my car (great weather) today so I plugged it back in and now it runs like always but my water pressure gauge doesn't move at all, hence no water. Is there something I need to do to get the pressure back (short of buying a new pump) . I notice that there is a air valve on top of the I need to pump some air into it.....Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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It may not be the pump. Can the pump/plumbing have frozen?

Has the pump lost prime, have you checked or primed it?

Has definitely not frozen......How do I prime it?

I would listen to Mr. Slusser carefully at this point. Unless you actually disconnected the pipes and drained the pump before the weather froze your shallow well pump could very well have frozen and split the housing in one or more places seen or not seen. It would not actually lose its prime until the weather warmed to above freezing. The pump motor will run just fine with the proper power applied, but with no suction on the well the end result is no H2O.
with it off...pour some water down the first connection on the well pump that you usually put the garden hose need to fill the impellar area to create suction then bump the pump prime it with well water
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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