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My last house did not have gutters
A lot of "cottage" style 1 floor houses do not have gutters
In some cases there is gravel at the bottom where run-off hits
If there isn't gravel then rain will dig out the soil, wash it away & dirt will spatter onto the house.

I put gutters on the last house & sloped everything to the front of the house. It was a high water table area & I needed as much water as possible to run off to the storm drain

The spatter is my main objection to not having gutters
I have spatter on the gable end of my house, I need to add mulch or stone to stop it

If the siding is wood then gutters will stop spatter & keep the side of the house drier. I have gutters everywhere on the new house (not gable end) to direct water away from the house. Eventually the gutter water will be directed into 55g drums & used to water the plants when it is drier

I also added 20' drainage run-off pipes to the side of my hosue to direct the gutter water away & towards the stream on my property. My basement is drier now as a result. Even without visual indication of water if water is seeping down along a concrete wall then some of that water will enter your house as water vapor. So this has helped keep my basement humidity lower & decrease how long my dehumidifier runs in the summer

Somewhere in the future is copper gutters/downspouts on the back of the house. This side faces south & we get ice dams every now & then. The copper will soak up heat from the sun faster & allow the gutters to melt out

Long you need them?
Not really - 60 years later

But check the wood near the foundation, is it soft?
Any mold growing?
Directing water away will make the conditions better
I put leaf guards up too, had one gutter clog in a cold rainstorm - not the time I wanted to be out cleaning it
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