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Gutter Repair - Outside Miter on Pitch

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In short, I want to find a way to connect two different gutter segments in order to remove an existing downspout that has no place to dump water except on my foundation.

This photo should help explain. I want to connect that upper segment to the lower segment and get rid of that downspout:

Any Ideas?
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Why not extend the downspout exit out further from the foundation?

You could bury a large pipe at the base to catch the water, then transfer it out to a street, or away from any other buildings.

I think that the water from the higher one rushing into the lower one will just overflow all over the place, and still be flooding too close to your home.

I have seen gutters added to buildings similar to yours, with a slight slope from a higher one to a lower one, with a much larger lower gutter to be able to hold the extra water.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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