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Guardian Furnace problem

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My guardian furnace won't stay running. I followed suggestions and cleaned the sensor but that is not it. While watching it light after cleaning the sensor I noticed that the fourth burner which is under the sensor is not getting gas, thus the furnace shuts off. If I repeat the starting process turning the thermo down, then up to start the furnace, that if all four burners light, it stays on.

It is a guardian ggls080c16mpa11c, two years old. This problem has been going on for a while, and now it's frequent.
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Need to clean the burners and test gas pressure
Sounds like dirty cross overs. Pull and clean the burners as said earlier.
yep I agree.... it alaso could be they are misaligned ..... Beenthere probably right though need cleaning.....:thumbup:
What do I remove and clean? Also when it was hooked up the furnace guy didn't ask, he just assumed we had natural gas. After a tank of propane, I had him out to check why it was using so much gas and he had the orafice for Natural Gas.
Hope he also converted the gas valve to propane.
Is the gas valve also called a orafice?
Is the gas valve also called a orafice?
No, The gas valve is what opens to let the gas go to the orifices, and then closes to stop the gas from going to the orifices.
gas valve is supposed to be marked with a brite yellow sticked if converted to propane.....if a tech was there he should be able to tell the differance just by looking at flames if it not marked...will have to admitt easy to miss though...ben sr
The gas valve is marked LP, it also has a screw head on the front. Is this adjustable? While I had the cover off I increased the heat setting on the thermostat to make it run. The first time three burners ignited and it went off, same 2nd time, fan came on. Dropped thermo to room temp, tried again, all four burners came on and is now heating.

Do I blow out the system to clean? What is involved?
Remove and brush them.
I took it apart and cleaned the little brass fittings where the gas comes out, was that what I was supposed to brush?
No, the thing(burners) those brass fittings(orifices) blow into is what needs cleaned.
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