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Grundfos Train Chugging Sound

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Hi there,

My Grundfos pump was making a "train chugging" sound so I had someone come replace it. After about a week, it started making the sound again. I called the plumber and he told me to bleed the system to get the air out. I tried that but it still makes the sound. It's not all the time, just once in a while but it's loud and you can hear it throughout the house. I have it come on at 6am and this morning was bad.

I don't think he knows what is causing it as he won't contact me after I asked him to come back and look. Before I call someone else, does anyone know what is causing this or how maybe I can fix it myself?

This forum won't let me post links so I'll respond to my post with the video.

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Mind you the sound is not coming from the pump, it's just right above it in that little pipe.

There are two Youtube videos:

Old Pump:
New Pump:
Thanks for replying so quickly. It's doing it now so I'll go do that.

Right there correct?
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Ok, here we go. Hopefully this video helps more.
Thanks for the replies. It is for the hot water tank.

I'll try the check value option first to see if that helps. We are on well water here, shared between 71 houses.

From here, I'll check the expansion tank.
I tried to get that nut off but that sucker is on there. I only have a crescent wrench.

At this point, I think I'm going to just have a real plumber come out. Thanks for all of your help and I'll post what the resolution was. The problem is it doesn't do it all the time and I fear when they come out, they won't be able to troubleshoot. Grrr.
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