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Grundfos Train Chugging Sound

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Hi there,

My Grundfos pump was making a "train chugging" sound so I had someone come replace it. After about a week, it started making the sound again. I called the plumber and he told me to bleed the system to get the air out. I tried that but it still makes the sound. It's not all the time, just once in a while but it's loud and you can hear it throughout the house. I have it come on at 6am and this morning was bad.

I don't think he knows what is causing it as he won't contact me after I asked him to come back and look. Before I call someone else, does anyone know what is causing this or how maybe I can fix it myself?

This forum won't let me post links so I'll respond to my post with the video.

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What's the pressure in the expansion tank?
Looks like a fairly new expansion tank, doubt that would be the problem. But it's a quick 5 minute check and you can rule it out.

Turn off incoming water, open couple faucets to relieve pressure and check it with a tire gauge. Should match your incoming water pressure usually 55-60 psi or so. If not, add air to the appropriate psi. If nothing but water comes out, replace it. Just a suggestion.

If that checks out good, I agree, then it's probably the check valve.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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