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Grounding wires all leaving box

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I have a strange situation going on in my bathroom device box where I want to install a GFCI. The house was built in '71. The box has 1 outlet and a double switch. One side for the light and one for the fan. Turns out there are 5 3-wire conduits coming in there. I believe that:

  • 1 is power directly from the circuit breaker.
  • 1 is leaving to go to the fan
  • 1 is leaving to go to the light
  • 1 is going to an attic light and then onto a bed light
  • 1 is going to kitchen lights

So it's way to crowded in there. I then decided to put a junction box in the attic for the power,attic,and kitchen lights, then just one power down to the bathroom. However upon further inspection i don't know what is going on with the grounds. Each of the 5 grounds that enter the box immediately do a u-turn and go back up and I think to the left. 1 ground comes back in and was hooked to the outlet. The double switch did not have a ground, i changed that.

I am now skeptical about removing the lines and putting the junction in the attic because of the weird grounding situation. But I can't fit a GFCI in the current overloaded box so I think I need to do it.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what might be going on with the grounds?

Thank you
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A picture might help us understand better.
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