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Grounding Rod with Concrete apron

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We are in the planning stages of changing our electrical panel to 200 amp service and I trying to plan around any potential issues.

Currently, our old box is only grounded using the home's copper water pipe.

I was going to install the rod close to our meter; however, that side of our yard is all concrete (small city lot, see photo).

I have read that the rod needs to be a minimum of 2' from the house which presents the issue.

1) Could I use conduit to reduce trip hazard and install the rod 2' out from the house?
2) I could run a grounding wire across the house and easily install grounding rod in yard on the other side; however, I haven't found if I need to increase beyond 6 gauge wire for a run of about 30'.


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I know of no NEC requirement to locate a ground rod 2’ from a foundation. UFER grounds are in the foundation.

You could drill a hole through the concrete and set the rods there. 2 rods with no less than 6’ spacing. Or you can run the wire around the house to the grassy area with no need to increase the size.
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