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Yes this is about the same 8x8 metal box in my previous thread... I know I probably am not required to ground the box because it's already grounded by virtue of the the grounded metal conduit run to which it is attached by way of conduit locknut. I am grounding the box anyway. In my engineering career, this kind of approach is referred to as the silver bullet... I don't know if I'm hunting a vampire, but I want a silver bullet in my gun in case I am.

So my question is this: materials I have on hand for connecting my #4 copper wire are as follows:

One package of 2 terminal lugs (one for each box) as seen here:

10-24 machine screws and nuts

So I would use these, drill a 5/32" hole in the box and secure the the terminal lug to the box with the nut and screw.

In my experience, getting proper ground requires exposed bare metal at the point of contact so I'd scrape some off around the hole...

Anyway, just wanted to confirm I was doing this right. Inspection is tommorrow afternoon and this is my last detail to finish tonight, tommorrow morning I'm picking up a trailer and some shelving from my parents and I'll start organizing my garage workshop... A passing inspection will allow me to close the wall I'm installing the drywall and so on, thus making it where I can get my workbenches built and placed, and making the house a happier place by getting my piles of tools off the washing machine and dryer!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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