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ground loops

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hello, gents. i have an issue i hope you can give me a simple solution for.

i put my home theater up in my living room. all new 120v wiring. the main gear, receiver, amp, blu-ray player, EQ for the subwoofers, are on 1 circuit. when i had my subwoofer amp on this circuit, i had a loud hum in the subs. so i moved the sub amp into my office, separate circuit. i still have a hum in the subs, though a lot less. but it still is bothersome.

what can i try to eliminate this hum ?
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found this little gem ( read the section on ground loop hum)
I had a similar problem. I was using a regular "RCA cable" to the subwoofer, which had a LONG wire run. I switched that wire to a TV coax (shielded) wire and got coax "F connector" to "RCA plug" adapters at Radio Shack. End of problem! (There was outside radio frequency and other electrical noise entering the cheap RCA wire. The shielded coax blocks that.)

F connector to RCA adapter...

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Do a google search for ground loop isolator.
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