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Grizzly T27444 Mini Track Saw Super Kit pros and cons?

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Oh boy... Was 'bout to finish this post in first place, but got lost with " you need to post one post to.." and accidentally close the window. What da idiot...
Let's start again.

G'day, gents!
First of all I wouldn't ask this question on woodworkers or any saw related forums, 'cos can predict with 99% accuracy all the answers - in range from "...but it's not Festool!..." to "... go buy Dewalt/Makita/Bosch (you name it)..."
To make it clear I couldn't afford big guys or table/miter saw - not only financially but 'cos very limited in space (currently living in apartments).
At the beginning I was browsing internet to find an ideas which will work for my needs and tools I already have. Which is nothing fancy btw, it's Ryobi 5-1/2 saw. Still working for me, but has a lots of "but" 's and "oh well" 's.
SO I was looking for a jig ideas but found this - Grizzly T27444 Mini Track Saw Super Kit
Cost $115 right now, comes with 2 24" tracks, 4 blades (will buy new one anyway), clamps.
It has 4-1/2 blades which is really small but still can make cuts up to 1-1/4 deep with tracks. In other hand if I am going to build a track for Ryobi it will bring the final cut depth to almost the same.
It has plunge action. Wouldn't try to do plunge with Ryobi unless blade is fully out - there is a lot's of plays and bends between the base and saw itself.
As same as with Ryobi I'll use it to cut mostly ply and wood up to 1" +/-.
Will get straight right angle cuts, no need to be worry 'bout base start bending at the end of the cut etc etc. Even I am using Ryobi with guide and clamps and you name it - still sometimes can get wavy on vertical cuts, rarely 100% or close to right angle.
Dust collector port is a huge plus, especially in my situation.

Problems - size and blades.
It's not easy to find 4-1/2 blade for wood, but with 7/8" arbor... Oh, boy.
But was able to find few, like this one Exchange-a-Blade 2110650 4-1/2-Inch Diameter Multi-Cutting Carbide Blade.
Not expensive, good reviews.

So back to main question.
Any ideas 'bout this model?
Any thoughts, pros, cons, personal experience if any ?
And, sorry for asking, but don't post recommendations on any Festool etc etc. Thanks in advance
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Grizzly's adult-sized track saw isn't much more money and has about the same sized blade as the *CENSORED* saw. If you're price conscious I'd go for that one instead.
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Full set of "adult size" Grizzly will cost almost $300, so better to get some used "CENSORED" brands instead :devil3:

The *CENSORED* tools resale value is about 90% of new, so the full size Grizzly is still a good deal. Yes, more than the 4 1/2" but still excellent value.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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