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Grill Sealant Question

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I'm making an outdoor grill with a keg and an old cabinet. I cut out a hole in the countertop of the cabinet to fit the keg in. The countertop is wood with fermica.

When I drop the keg into the hole in the countertop I have space around the keg that I want to seal up. Is there some sort of sealant I can use that will hold the keg in place and be able to handle high heat and not melt?
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I have a similar question -

I have a nice drop-in grill that I want to put into a pre-fab countertop (low-cost kind from Lowes that you might use in a kitchen or bathroom).

The idea would be to cut the recommended space and "drop" in the grill into the cut-out. Provided the adequate venting is there, I think this is a good application... however...

I'm concerned about the heat transfer from the metal touching the countertop edge, and also a bit concerned about the heat from the grill coming in contact with the dense particle board that makes up the counter itself.

I was trying to decide if using a fire-proof sealant (such as DAP Fire Stop) would do the trick to ensure that if the surface did get hot, it wouldn't combust. That also helps alleviate any moisture issue from water getting on the exposed wood...

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