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Grill Sealant Question

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I'm making an outdoor grill with a keg and an old cabinet. I cut out a hole in the countertop of the cabinet to fit the keg in. The countertop is wood with fermica.

When I drop the keg into the hole in the countertop I have space around the keg that I want to seal up. Is there some sort of sealant I can use that will hold the keg in place and be able to handle high heat and not melt?
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you will need a two inch space between the keg and the counter for the counter not to burn. Some say a cool idea, but a hot idea may soon show to be the case. if you use this spacing, buy a flue collar from a fireplace supply store to use as this flange to seal the edges.
fire stop caulking if to prevent air flow and provide a low flame caulking. It would not hurt but would not help much either. You could pack the edges with mineral wool (steel wool). The loose fibers will stop heat transfer. but the edges of a drop in grill are not much of a concern anyway. Heat rises.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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