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Greywater into sump pit?

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I live in the middle of nowhere Northern MN. Our home is isolated from anyone else and has a lot of woods. Currently our sump pit is pumped out into the nearby woods through a stone filled ditch. The home had an older couple in it for years and now our family of 5 is there. Between our showers and washing machine we are overloading the drain field. So, in our full basement it would be easy for me to divert my grey-water into a separate system and empty it into the sump pit. Would that violate any code?
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I agree.
How old is this home?
How long have you owned it?
Different locations are going to have far different codes on what can and what needs to be done.
When's the last time the tank was pumped, as it was being pumped if there's water flowing back into the tank from the field then it's failed and needs to be replaced with a new field in a new location.
The home was built in 1915. I have no idea when the plumbing was done. We had the tank pumped last fall and have had no chance to see if it is working as we have had one of the wettest falls and springs in northern MN on record. The ground is still very saturated and a lot of water in fields still.
ok, going to run everything into sewar.. thanks all
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