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Greywater into sump pit?

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I live in the middle of nowhere Northern MN. Our home is isolated from anyone else and has a lot of woods. Currently our sump pit is pumped out into the nearby woods through a stone filled ditch. The home had an older couple in it for years and now our family of 5 is there. Between our showers and washing machine we are overloading the drain field. So, in our full basement it would be easy for me to divert my grey-water into a separate system and empty it into the sump pit. Would that violate any code?
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It would likely violate a code if you have a code to violate in the middle of nowhere northern MN. Greywater includes soap chemicals, grease and all the other goodies that usually aren't handled through a sump to daylight.
What are the signs you are overloading your septic system? When was the last time the tank was pumped?
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