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Greetings from the North

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Don't know how it took me this long to find this place, looks to be a wealth of info for a DIY 'er like myself. Stumbled here trying to find info on 2 ridge beams butted together in my 1970's house I have been remodeling for far too long according to my Wife...will be posting that question soon in the appropriate sub forum. Hello from Alaska!
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Glad to see you! Join right in!
Thanks! Temperature outside? Not impressive, moved the snowmachines (yes we don't call em snowmobiles here) out of the garage to make room to move forward on the main floor of the house renovating. The garage is now filled with appliances and kitchen cabinets....
We had snow and I even put about a hundred and fifty miles on the sled chasing Ptarmigan and doing some predator calling, now it's raining, just above freezing and no snow in Anchorage...sigh. May as well remodel.
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