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Greetings All:

TOM here from sunny (albeit rainy at the moment) Southern California - Orange County.

Perhaps I'm finally experiencing one of those infamous "mid-life crisis" things - but at 43 years young,
but I have the "DIY BUG" bad.

Okay, in actuality/seriousness, I just moved into my first ever (as an adult - believe it or not) house ... with a full two-car garage ... at least half of which is mine all mine. :icon_cheesygrin:

I've always been a right-brained/creative person, so I think the excitement of finally having the space to set up a home workshop is more of a "late-to-the-party" factor than my experiencing some kind of quasi "mid-life crisis". (Besides, I'm really not interested in getting a sports car, motorcycle, sky diving or bungee jumping from a suspension bridge.) :bangin:

Anyway .... I am starting to compile a big ole' folder worth of ideas and plans for various hobby-level projects - from my first ambition to build a variation of a multi-purpose/modular workbench ... to building my own custom MAME Arcade Cabinet/Machine ... to various small furniture and other fun little projects.

I just found this Community Forum resource - with what seems like the PERFECT name for what I'm looking forward to working on (i.e. DIY projects). So I am equally looking forward to absorbing as much insight and knowledge as I can from this - what looks to be a great resource for someone like myself. :thumbup1:


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Welcome Tom....

You already told us where you are...but it helps for future posts to put your location in your profile.

Spend some time searching the old threads...good chance a lot of your questions have already been asked and answered....

I'm sort an expert on feel free to ask...(click on the link in my signature...and you will understand).

See ya around.
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