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Greenish White Chunks Clogging Kitchen Faucet Aerator

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I found this thread (diychatroom greenish-white-chunks-clogging-faucet-aerator-67652/) and wish to share my experience but that thread is too old.

If you have small yellow green white flakes in the aerator of only one faucet that don't float and don't dissolve in vinegar after 12 hour soak, likely you need to replace your faucet.

  • Treated city water
  • New hot water heater installed summer 2019
  • Kitchen faucet: single handle Price Pfister Series 26 (installed 2009)
  • Kitchen Faucet began stopping up a few months later
  • No other faucet aerator (including high use bathroom on same hot/cold water line run) showed buildup.
  • Faucet almost totally stopped Jan 2020
  • Aerator examined to find yellow green white flakes/particles (PHOTO)
  • Flakes are very soft; you can crush them
  • Flakes sink in water
  • Flakes unchanged by vinegar after 12hr soak (no fizz, remain whole)
  • Ruled out dip tube in new hot water heater (inspectapedia plumbing/Hot_Water_Tank_Debris_Flush) because plastic would float (and no other faucet had issue)
  • Ruled out remnants of old hot water heater dip tube because particles reappeared blocking aerator every ~20 days (and no other faucet had issue)
  • March 2020 installed SHURFLO (255-313) 1/2" Twist-On Pipe Strainer on hot and cold faucet supply tubes/lines
  • Strainers remained clear while aerators continued to clog every 20 days (thereby, isolating the problem to the faucet and not the pipes/hot water heater)
  • Installed new faucet May 2020 (supply lines, connections, shut off valves all looked clean no hard water deposits)
  • Three weeks with no reappearance of flakes/particles

I don't know what the problem was but when I removed the Pfister faucet, I looked inside with good light and saw a bunch of white buildup/hangers-on (PHOTO)

If you know the technical term (dezincification?) for the problem please let the world know by replying.


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Bruce: Thanks for asking. One month into the new faucet and the aerator remains clear. I guess it was the Price Pfister faucet but I'm not sure if it was dezincifying or some other reaction.
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