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Green Chrome/nickel stains

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Am getting ready to paint in here and sell the house. Does anyone know what this green residue is on the light fixture and how to get rid of it?


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Just a little oxidation. A product like Brasso and a rag will make it look like new.
Do not use anything abrasive.
Must have some copper in it, that's what turns green.
BJ is right. Brass is an alloy made from copper and zinc. Joe, Brasso is abrasive with quartz or silicon. Brasso Gadget is abrasive free but I have never used it.

Careful with Brasso. It works great on hard brass but is very harsh and can scratch things up in a hurry. It is hard to tell the thickness of the plating on that fixture from the photos.

I have always liked Flitz for metals I was not sure about. You can get it online or even at auto parts or marine parts places and I suppose hardware stores. A tube of the stuff will last you a long time.

Your real lighting store will have probably have safe metal polishes. Most janitorial supply places sell retail now but you end up having to buy more than I suspect you want of anything.
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