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Grease under neath my washing machine.

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We just got a new fangled stacking washer dryer set. My old one as we look to remove it had a grease stain underneath it. It was a small little bit about 2" wide after about 3 weeks since being placed there since repainting the closet.

My plan was to donate this unit to a Habitat Restore. But if this is a sign it is on its last legs I don't want someone else to pay for a life-limited washing machine.
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I had a Sears Kenmore Elite washer. The transmission failed after 10 years. I rebuilt it, filled with hypoid oil and sealed the pan to the unit per the mfgr suggestion with RTV. The transmission leaked after that. Must have been the pan seal. I had to keep a cookie tray under it to keep it from staining my floor.
Long story short, the thing kept running for another 8 years until I sold the house, and I presume it is still running!
Moral: A small leak is not catastrophic. Mine would leak several drops every time it ran, and it never ran out of oil. Keep using it, or donate it and tell them to place a cookie sheet underneath, and it will probably run another 10 years.
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